“As a parent I look for new experiences that spark my child’s creativity and ways to define themselves. My three children have participated in StagePlay since 2007.  StagePlay is structured to help children discover their inner creativity, build self-esteem, and develop life skills like public speaking, problem solving, and leadership. They also grow in many academic skills such as making inferences, interpreting author’s point of view, etc. Ms. Monica is extremely professional and takes the role in educating the “whole” child very seriously. Every child has a voice in how the story is shaped. Whether this is their first show or their twentieth, my children grow in confidence, creativity, and discipline.  The results speak for themselves. Every student will feel empowered on stage and enhance their own creative spirit.” -Joy Kucharski, Parent

“My family is very grateful to StagePlay for the opportunities it provides. All three of my sons have been in productions over the last 7 years. My oldest son used his experiences in StagePlay to also get great parts in community theater and school productions. My middle son enjoyed the summer camps the most. My youngest son is still acting in StagePlay productions and having a blast. One thing I like best about StagePlay is the range of ages of the kids. When they are young they look up to the older kids and learn from them. Eventually they are the older kids and assume the mentor role. It is really neat to see them grow and see all the other kids do the same. We have all gained special friendships through StagePlay. “
Dee Nommensen, Parent

“StagePlay has been a great addition to our programming!  Monica and her staff do an amazing job teaching the kids how to perform on stage and helping them to build self-confidence.  In only fourteen weeks, Monica and her staff have the kids putting on a quality performance that the whole family will enjoy.  As kids progress through the rehearsals and from show to show, you can see the very positive impact the program has on their confidence, socialization, and imagination!”
Mike Sinkewich, Oak Lawn Park District Recreation Supervisor

“Growing up I was an anxious child filled with way too many nerves. In an effort to change that, my family sought out ways to help me break out of my shell. After some looking around, we came across a program called “Stageplay”. As a community theater program, Stageplay gives local kids the chance to let loose, explore their creative side, and learn to shine bright on a stage. Immediately, I found a home. I never performed in-front of crowds before, but I soon fell in love with the art of theater. Because of Stageplay, I learned that it’s okay to be weird. That it is okay to be yourself and to explore all sides of your personality. Beyond just theater lessons, I also learned social skills and about team work; making friends I still am close with today — ten years later. Stageplay is a wonderful program filled with amazing people providing a safe and welcoming environment for all those who are lucky enough to come across it. I highly recommend Stageplay to all those interested.” -Kyle Reed, Past Participant

“StagePlay has brought joy to our whole family! My husband and I have loved watching our daughters grow with every show they have done. StagePlay has given my daughters an outlet to express creativity, gain confidence, and grow their acting skills. Miss Monica makes the challenge of learning lines and songs easy to accomplish by breaking down the show into sections and communicating weekly plans and expectations clearly. She provides clear, specific feedback that helps the actors grow in their roles. Her positive, encouraging, and upbeat manner has our daughters signing up for show after show!” -Kristen Beintum, Parent

“I like how everyone is a part of every song and everyone can sing and dance. Every role is a big role! “
-Megan Beintum,
Current Participant

“I love how you can be as expressive as you want and no one laughs at you. It gives you confidence and prepares you for speaking in front of others. You make friends and have fun with people! As Shakespeare might have said: StagePlay doth teach the torches to burn bright!”
-Allie Beintum,
Current Participant

“StagePlay gave me the perfect introduction to theater. My passion for theater started because of the program, and I would be no where near where I am today without it. StagePlay allows for kids to learn what it takes to be in a production of a show while having a blast making friends and expressing themselves on stage. I am so grateful for everything I have learned at StagePlay that has helped me to continue my growth in theater.”
Sarah Heidorn, Past Participant

“StagePlay gave me the perfect introduction to theater. My passion for theater started because of the program, and I would be no where near where I am today without it. StagePlay allows for kids to learn what it takes to be in a production of a show while having a blast making friends and expressing themselves on stage. I am so grateful for eI participated in over 20 StagePlay productions over the span of 7 years; this was one of the best experiences of my life, and it helped me grow so much and make so many new friends that I’m still close to today. When I started StagePlay as a first grader, I was shy and terrified of public speaking, but participating in these shows helped build my confidence incredibly. Confidence in public speaking and in simply talking to others is essential for success in high school and beyond, and these skills were fostered by my StagePlay experience. I also found so much joy in being creative, in being part of a team, and in working with other kids who shared my interest in performing. I look back on StagePlay with nothing but incredibly happy memories of participating in a program that made me feel fulfilled and happy and allowed me to make so many supportive and caring friends.” -Ella Sherman, Past Participant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Monica Minogue for 18 plus years​, and her Stageplay Musical Theater For Kids! is one of our most popular and successful programs.  Hundreds of children have enjoyed the fun, creative musicals, and currently the 65th production is in preparation!  Monica is a true professional who runs a high quality, energetic program.”
– Cathy Brewer, Lockport Township Park District program supervisor

“I like StagePlay because it is fun! I also like StagePlay because it helps me learn to sing, dance and act in shows. StagePlay helps me in real life by giving me confidence and helping me to not be scared to talk or sing in front of big crowds. I love StagePlay!”
-Sydney Meskill, Current Participant

“StagePlay has been part of my two children’s lives for several years, and has brought them great joy, confidence and friendships.  Monica and the StagePlay staff do a tremendous job of bringing entertaining and memorable performances to life that allow each child an opportunity to contribute.  As a parent, it allows me to see my children grow and express themselves in a unique and unforgettable way – and I am so grateful that StagePlay has given them this opportunity!” -Jackie Schulz, Parent

“Without StagePlay, I don’t think I would be the performer—let alone the person—that I am today. I loved the freedom, excitement, and thrill that always flooded the room with every class. I learned how to be comfortable in front of an audience and be myself; plus, I met some lifelong friends along the way.” -Madison Menchaca, Past Participant

“I have been with the Stageplay Community for over 4 years now, and everything about it is so enjoyable.  No matter what was going on outside of the production, I would always come here at the end of the week and forget about everything. I have loved my fellow cast members and it is such a loving environment to be with. It’s a wonderful place to learn new things and have a wonderful time!”
-Brooklyn Nuss, Current Participant

“I am so grateful to have found StagePlay.  Both of my boys have performed in numerous productions and summer camps over the last 5 years.  Not only have they both grown to love performing and theater, but they have also both gained so much confidence.  Monica and the StagePlay staff have nurtured my children and supported their emotional development with every production.  It has truly been such a safe place for them to explore and grow. We so love watching them shine on that stage, and we LOVE seeing the joy and pride on their faces every time they take a bow.”
-Holli Long, Parent

“StagePlay: Musical Theater for Kids! ignited my passion for performing and acting. I started Miss Monica’s program when I was 8-years-old and it helped me gain so much confidence! I loved performing in numerous productions over the years; it brought me so much joy!  And I know my time with Stageplay helped me book my first professional acting job when I was 13-years-old.  I’m so thankful for all the great moments I had with StagePlay, and I will cherish them forever!”
-Brenna D’Amico, Past Participant