About Us

Does your child love to sing, dance and perform for other? Then join us for an intense yet entertaining program in musical theater for young boys and girls. We emphasize the journey toward producing a show from start to finish, providing a non-competitive, encouraging and supportive environment for children to stretch their dramatic wings.

Throughout the program, the young performers will learn, have fun, make friends and most importantly gain confidence. They will engage in theater games and exercises which will help them be more comfortable with themselves while working with others, as well as prepare both body and voice for rehearsals and performance. Our young actors and actresses will learn basic theater terminology, song lyrics and choreography, and how to project their voices for an audience, focusing on diction and volume.

All participants will be given a script and assigned a speaking role or part in the chorus which they will work on – both in and outside of class. On the last day of the session, our talented young stars perform in costume for friends and family, showing off all they have learned!